Friday, May 13, 2011

The best wallpaper of all time & All time favorite Desk top screen saver

Sharanu Sharanarthi to all,

Hear is my best and all time favorite Desk top screen saver which i have created and spend almost an hour to create this screen saver, at last night (morning) 2 am its completed, people who known The Lord Basava will love this screen saver and people who dont know the Great Lord Basava, it will create a curisoty to know who is he, believe me one day the whole world will come to know who is The load Basava. I am proud to be LINGAYATH.


Monday, February 21, 2011

12th century Sharanas walpapers


12th century Sharanas walpapers

Basava (also known as Guru Basavanna (Kannada: ಬಸವಣ್ಣ) or Basaveshwara (Kannada:ಬಸವೇಶ್ವರ), (1134–1196)) was a philosopher and a social reformer. He is also called Vishwa Guru andBhakti-Bhandari. His teachings and preachings which are universal, go beyond all boundaries of belief systems. He was a great humanitarian and preached a new way of life wherein the divine experience being the center of life regardless of gender, belief, tradition, religion, caste,social status or whatever. The key aspect of his preaching is monotheistic concept of God A true visionary with ideas ahead of his time; he envisioned a society that flourished enriching one and all. He was a great mystic,of his time and originated a literary revolution through his literary creation called Vachana Sahitya. He was a mystic by temperament, an idealist by choice, a statesman by profession,(He was the Prime Minister of the Southern Kalachuri Empire in South India) a man of letters by taste, a humanist by sympathy, and a social reformer by conviction. Many great yogis and mystics of his time joined his movement enriching it with the essence of divine experience in the form of Vachanas (Lit. sayings - sacred hymns in Kannada)